Metal workshop- ‘Scrap to Sculptures’

Some people see a pile of scrap metals and envision a work of art. They transmute that pile into breathe taking art pieces. The main idea is not to invoke life into a pile of scrap metals but also to recognize the scrap metals as a nascent force; not as wasted energy but invested with creative energy.
The eventual outcome exhibits products through which, students can prove that ‘ART’-in any form of assemblage or installation could also be made without using traditional materials. Scrap to Sculpture is a concept that provides an “off the academic” opportunity for Participants to involve in a creative activity. As the name suggests, it is based on the thought that nothing is waste and a new creation happens when the old is lost. However, in general, the society discards what is broken and it goes in the environment and pollutes it. The said workshop uses that very waste material to generate a new shape that everyone recognizes with awe. In creating sculptures from scrap, participants learn new skills, such as creativity, welding, using their imagination, which they lose otherwise in the hectic academic environment. The workshop thus has the following specific aims: 

i. Promote and support environmental care.

ii. Create artifacts from scrap.

iii. Ignite creativity among the young minds.

Sculptures made from scrap in a group of 4-5 students.

Sculpture 1

Sculpture 2

Sculpture 3

Sculpture 4

Sculpture 5

Weaving & Natural dyes workshop

We all know how important natural dying process is , it being organic creates even more impact on spaces and on the other hand weaving is integrate crucial part when it comes to knitting, clothes and derivation of interesting elements for interiors. Part of our elective courses, these subjects were meant to teach us side important aspects of fabric and versatile nature. The connectivity of fabric with these tools if together taken into consideration what impact it creates as products was the challenge. These exercises were done in group of 2 people at max.

Object 1

Object 2

Object 3

Wood workshop

Wood and all tools exploration was basic challenge I had undergone this phase. Explored to hand tools which includes saw, chisel, cutter, sanding and even machine tools were taken care of. Different techniques were explored to come to a derivation.
These exercises were mainly individual with making of furniture was with a group of 3 people.

Furniture Module 1:1

Wood Joints

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