Tiny Library- CLOUD 9


A team of three members of different areas, same stream coming together to challenge the current scenario and dealing to change the notion of “Library”.

Raashima Garg

Gagan Sarwara

Godo Zabur Singh


To design a Tiny Library optimized for 50 users with engaging multifunctional spaces for all ages and spatial experience. The Tiny Library would be equipped with traditional reading material along with modern formats like e-books, audiobooks, audio-visual books etc.

The space would be designed as a centralized think tank for the local communities with a focus on public interactions and community development.

Participants should consider affordability and optimum use of space while designing. The designed space should be augmented to hold a maximum number of books in a limited space. The structure should not exceed 200 sq.mt of built-up area. The proposed design should also be easy to maintain.

The proposal should be iconic, inviting, and creating a statement of its own on the chosen site. The proposed design should have contact between humans and nature. The designed spaces should be innovative, encourage self-learning as well as strengthen the communal spirit. Energy saving and sustainability should be given a thought.

We encourage the participants to develop their programs. The space designed should not be limited to the standard activities viz. reading and self-learning space, sanitation space, administration, reception or information desk. The design should provoke innovative activities that stimulate and accelerate learning.


To rethink and re-imagine the idea of Library as a 21st-century self-learning and educational incubation space that not only sheds light on conventional means of knowledge but also encourages its users to interact, share ideas and grow together.


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Cloud-9 inspired by the entire idea of creating a total varied reading experience for the user and a built that would stand out in an unconventional setting of hills attracting people from the entire globe.CLOUD-9 gives a new overall definition of the meaning of the library. The built is an eccentric cloud-shaped floating library that will serve as an artful piece on the land of Hot Spring of Himachal Pradesh. Settled in a less populated tourist spot, Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh. Itis not just space but an emotion, a feeling where people would be taken up between the clouds at a height of 6000-8000 ft. above sea level and will house the variant character of spaces. Besides its artistic aura and exceptional experience of being able to read in an atmosphere which is secluded from the world, it would also provide visitors relaxing and recreational spaces to spend time by themselves and books. 

The motive behind such a design was;

“With this unique shape, people who are exploring the tourist place would be attracted to take this astonishing journey up in clouds and this experience would make their visit a memorable one.”

“We hope that this place will become a new symbol for the Manikaran where both locals and visitors can come together to interact.”


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RELAXATION ERA: SPACE THAT WILL BE A PERFECT SPACE WHERE AN INDIVIDUAL WOULD GET THERE “ME-TIME”. It would cater to view, books, interaction, in total perspective it would define the new meaning of reading space

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Additional space that comes as an amenity for family , couples to spend their time with books yet make sure their child is safe and in their proximity.



Protected semi open space with controlled ventilation with full view of clouds and above the sky experience.



It is often said books are pure form of meditation, taking that literally this space is designed for everyone where reading book with slightest of light is the only pleasure.



The semitransparent spherical form is modeled on a cumulonimbus cloud and is made up of intersecting spheres of carbon-fiber and tensile fabric spheres. The lightweight but well-fortified bulbous structure is supported by a gridded aluminumframe. The cloud balloons would be lifted in air through helium gas which 60 % would be filled in the extra balloons comprising of the structure and If any of our long term and higher-tech balloons need extra lift during launch to reach the upper stratosphere we can collect helium being emitted from natural thermal springs such as those in Manikaran which consist of 40+- 41. Ppm, since 1 balloon of avg. 5m dais would take approx. 71,160liters of HELIUM gas to lift the dead + live load.

1 balloon (1m dais) = 14232.70 liters of2He444


5m dais = 71,160 liters (approx.) of 2He444

“Human beings are not interested in reality. They can’t be; it’s part of the human essence. They have desires and these desires are opposed to any form of reality. They prefer to lie than to be divorced from their desires and, hence this library will help them achieve at least a bit of it.


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C:Userspc30DownloadsTRY KUCH 1 Model (1)


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