Interesting Interior elements to focus

Interesting Interior elements to focus

Wooden wall panels aren’t just for period properties. This decorative feature adds character and texture to contemporary homes too and is a growing trend. What’s more, it may look expensive but budget versions made from wood alternatives like fibreboard and OSB are super cheap and, once mounted, can hide wall surfaces that have seen better days. Tongue and groove panels make rustic schemes warm and cosy while framed and mid-height styles suit traditional looks and create a refined finish. Paint the panels in bold or muted tones for up-to-date appeal. 

Black is feature, There is a misconception that black makes things look closed in and dreary but this isn’t the whole story. Interior designers use it as an accent because it can actually enlarge the feeling of space by placing the darkest tone on an area you want to ‘push back’. The key is to use the bold shade sparingly to ground a room and tie the scheme together. Against a pale backdrop and used in repetition, the overall contrast adds a striking punch and looks undoubtedly chic.

Designer furniture only gets better with age, so it’s well worth investing. Iconic pieces are visually shapely and superbly functional and so without a doubt will be the hero piece in every room. A Fritz Hansen chair, Ercol sideboard or Arco Flos floor lamp will always attract attention and will never go out of fashion.

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