Raashima Garg

Raashima Garg

I am an interior architect by profession, creative thinker and traveler by choice. The everyday thrive to find a central node of where business, design and architecture meets is what heeds me the most. The only rule that I believe is good focus towards design thinking and applying it sensitively to what my work reflects. An iterative process seeks to understand its users, their desires, functions, challenge assumptions and redefine problems to create more innovative and practical solutions to it.

I did my graduation form CEPT, UNIVERSITY School of Design, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. At CEPT, I got the best experience of design knowledge from one of the best of hands and mindsets present around in the entire field of Architecture & Design. The projects that I got an opportunity to work on encapsulates various aspects of design, space planning, retail designing, commercial designing, residential designing, adaptive reuse, brand building and conservation of interiors. What stays back is experience and not the product. The part that intrigued most in me was the fact how Design and Culture are correlated and the outcome of it affects us in a multi-agonal manner.

My work is the reflection of my belief in design and architectural philosophy, along with creative thinking skills to enhance it. There is a huge difference when we talk about design in books or paper and when it comes to design on land in practical. My job phase of working in Studio Ardete for around 11 months was when I learned how design is sophisticated, completely practical and human-centered. Design thinking to what comes 1:1 on ground should be actual transformation of the initial concept idealization and this could only happen if design thinking is channelized in the right direction.

I believe it is never too late to learn more and learning is not ever enough. With time, a person keeps on evolving and experiencing what life has in platter for us. My work until now has taught me to be focused and more sensitive in approach even towards the nanoscopic things around me and because design is everywhere;

“Design really is everywhere, so take inspiration from your surroundings.” — Emily Stevens


-STUDIO ARDETE, Junior Architect, Chandigarh – 11 months

Collaborated and working with the team with respected architects and interior designers to design and implement spatial strategies that would evolve into art, enriching the lives of people inhabiting them. Worked on projects ranging from architecture to interiors of commercial, residential, and retail spaces.

Research Programme)

Abha Narain Lambah Associates, Mumbai – 6 MONTHS

Worked and learned with Chandigarh team for my Thesis:Interior restoration and Conservation of UNESCO World Heritage Site – Civil Secretariat- Le Corbusier. Challenging phase of dealing with renowned architectural building design by The great Le Corbusier and documenting, researching and restoring the detoriated interiors; Furniture, Interior Language of the same.


DIMENSIONS (Ar. Harleen Virk), CHANDIGARH – 6 months

Worked with team of Architects and Interior designers on initial design ideation to spatial design development for residential projects. Processed site construction and implementation of design on ground. Space planning, furniture design, interior language- material palette on basis of interior architectural drawings and site work.

Under graduation

CEPT University, School of Design, Ahmedabad- 5 yrs

-CEPT Design research KOHLER scholar 2018 (amongst top students as per academic performance)
-Short INTERNSHIP under IIM-A, working for Right to Education

Secondary education

DPS School, Chandigarh – 8yrs

– Vice President ECO club student council

– Scholar for 4 consecutive years

– Active member in extracurricular student body

– Proficency certificate holder for 3 consecutive years


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