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ADAPTIVE REUSE-POD HOTEL AIM To restore the maximum character of the build and keeping the built to its maximum original adopting to the modernist function “Pod Hotel”, Also known as Capsule Hotel, is a hotel that provides accommodation in form of a small clear capsule rooms, which are as large as a single bed. Local […]

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Interior Design Palette for Corbusier’s Capitol Complex, Chandigarh

THESIS – Interior Design Palette for Corbusier’sCapitol Complex, Chandigarh INTENT Interior restoration and Conservation of UNESCO World Heritage Site, Capitol Complex Chandigarh (Civil Secretariat) AIM PROCESS One man’s trash, Is another man’s treasure. Shame on you India! And hats off to you savy French dealers. If y’all hadn’t “saved” it, It probably would have ended […]

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Residence –“Captain Sandhu”

Residence –“Captain Sandhu” AIM Conceptual designing to develop entire concept plan with 3d for better understanding of client. PROJECT BRIEF Project handled during “INTERNSHIP PHASE”. This is a conceptual contemporary single family residential project where no room is without a serene garden view. The layout offers maximum use of space. One of its special features […]

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Interesting Interior elements to focus

Wooden wall panels aren’t just for period properties. This decorative feature adds character and texture to contemporary homes too and is a growing trend. What’s more, it may look expensive but budget versions made from wood alternatives like fibreboard and OSB are super cheap and, once mounted, can hide wall surfaces that have seen better days. Tongue and groove panels make […]

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Let floors do the talking

When only a modest ground, flooring today has become the innovator for current homes. From setting the mind-set to featuring the field, flooring is being utilized to characterize the feel of homes. And keeping in mind that stone keeps on being the most loved ground surface choice for extravagance homes, tiles are quick getting up […]

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Tiny Library- CLOUD 9 GROUPVOLUME ZERO A team of three members of different areas, same stream coming together to challenge the current scenario and dealing to change the notion of “Library”. Raashima Garg Gagan Sarwara Godo Zabur Singh PROJECT BRIEF To design a Tiny Library optimized for 50 users with engaging multifunctional spaces for all […]

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The intersection of architecture, interior and experience design. Inside architecture is the adjusting of the workmanship and study of planning an inside space, considering all components of assemble, the built. The expansive going calling considering all parts of designing and planning inside spaces in the fabricated condition.

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User-centered design (UCD) is an optimistic approach to invent new solutions. It starts with human beings and ends with the answers that are tailored to their individual needs. When you understand the people you are trying to reach, and then design from their perspective, you come up with unusual answers. Configuration depends on an express […]

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Brand identity is the collection of all elements that a company creates to portray the right image to its consumer. Brand identity is different from brand image and branding, even though these terms are sometimes treated as interchangeable. The term branding refers to the marketing practice of actively shaping a distinctive brand. Brand is the […]

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